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The township concept for Capital Town is not far removed from the other projects of this kind from Megaworld. It will integrate various spaces ranging from residential, commercial, retail, office, and institutional spaces. The aim is to build businesses within Pampanga to provide job opportunities for the locals. Thus, it will eliminate the need to travel to Metro Manila and neighboring provinces to seek for these opportunities. You can stay close to home by making your place of work accessible. You can also achieve a healthy work-life balance with this kind of setup, which is something that many of the people in Pampanga will come to appreciate once the project has reached its completion.

This is also a breakthrough project for Megaworld as this will be their first township project in the North. With the location of this development so close to NLEX and other major highways in Pampanga, they are starting to build the right infrastructure to facilitate the growth that this new township will bring to the city. As part of the masterplan for this township project, Capital Town will have an extensive network of roads built within the entire development. The main roads will have a 30-meter width and the secondary roads will have 17- and 15-meter width. Thus, navigating your way around this township should be a breeze with the well-planned road systems and infrastructure.

Aside from dedicating a huge portion of the development site to road networks, there will also be plenty of green and open spaces. It is part of the developer’s commitment to bring a sense of nature into their developments. There will be plenty of areas to facilitate the essence of nature and make the living experience more comfortable for the future residents. Among the features and facilities to be installed once the Capital Town concept is built include rainwater park, jogging and bike trails, outdoor events and concert area, picnic areas, leisure walking trails, exercise and meditation garden, and chapel by the lake. 

In addition to these green features and open spaces, you can also expect a lot of mixed-use facilities (those that are designed for residential, commercial, and business use). There will be one area within the township that offers a mix of retail shops, cinemas, BPO offices, and dining spots. This will facilitate to the varying needs of the dense urban population that is expected once this development has finally opened to the public. 

As already mentioned above, there will be wide roads to facilitate the easy flow of vehicle traffic within the township. However, Megaworld also designed for the township to have wide walkways and bike lanes. The entire township development is therefore set to become a pedestrian- and biker-friendly community. This will enable the future residents, tenants, and employees that belong here make good use of the green landscapes and open spaces that were integrated into its masterplan. 

Some of the other facilities and amenities that you can look forward to in Pampanga’s Capital Town include the cyberpark known as Casa Emperador, museum, mall, and the Shophouse District.

  • Jogging Path
  • Bike and Kalesa Trails
  • Meditation and Excercise Garden
  • Picnic Areas
  • Chapel
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